We want you to realize how simple things about composting worms can be beneficial in your part.  The work may be simple but the product is extraordinary.  You actually have a hold on it, all you have to do is grab every opportunity to excel together with your worms.

What composting worm should you choose?

The type of worm in the worm composting process is the most important one.  Without it, you can never be successful.  In fact, if you are considering the ordinary earthworms in your garden, you may just be wasting your time and effort.  They will never work the way red worms do.

Red worms or red wriggler worms have special features that other do not have.  They thrive in organic materials and they are highly recommended for outdoor and indoor composting.  What is the distinction between this and a regular earthworm? 

Earthworms cannot live long in organic materials.  Further, earthworms cannot be good recyclers as red worms.  The reason for that is red wrigglers can eat scraps equal to the weight of its body.

Proper Administration for your Composting Worms

It is not a guarantee that when you buy composting worms for the process, everything will already work out right.  Of course, there is always a procedure for everything.  First, you provide them a home which is now the worm bin.  Second, you give them the right temperature. 

Third, you feed them with proper and exact amount of foods and lastly, you take ownership of them and consider them like human beings who need extra care.
When you are able to do all of these things, behold and you will be surprised one day to see that in just 90 days, the number of your red wriggler worms has greatly increased.
Just few reminders: If you give foods for your worms, be sure to have the right one.

Kitchen scraps like pasta or bread will do.  Vegetables or any decaying organic material will also work.  Just give them the right amount.  But never ever give them garlic or meat bones and anything that may catch the attention of insects or else, that would be the end of your worms.  The ventilation should also be just around 40-90 degrees.  No more, no less.

Just so you will be safe, better keep the worm bin in our basement, kitchen or garage.

Your benefits

When you do well to your worms, they will always have a way of repaying you.  but you know what, we can’t actually explain to you in detail the things that you get from composting worms and the worm composting process itself.  You have to have a personal encounter with it.  and what better way to start it but to buy red worms? 

After 4-6 months, all your effort will be paid off.  You will come up with a nutrient-filled soil that will benefit your plants.  More than that, you will have healthy garden for your family.  Now that you know, be part of us and start spreading the trend for composting worms!



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